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 Discount Policy

Discount Policy

We always care about our customers and try to give them the best value possible. Thus, in parallel with improving the quality of our service, we also set a discount policy as a thank to all customers who have supported us. See our discount for group booking at our application page or enjoy our 20% discount from us if you are one of these followings:

Note: Our discount policy is applied for our service fee and urgent fee but not applied for extra services (Confidential Letter, Fast Track, Premium Package) and stamping fee.

1. Regular Customer
Those who book our service from the second time will be considered Regular Customer and will enjoy our 20% discount for their next booking.

How it works: After applying visa and pay for our service fee online, you will get a “thank-you email” from our system to confirm the successful booking with a promotion code enclosed to use for the next visa application. To get discount, simply copy this code and paste it into “Redeem promotion code” box in our online application form; our system will automatically deduct 20% from the total bill and you will see the amount after the discount on the next page.

- The promotion code is to be used for one-time only. Each time you apply successfully with us, you will get a new code to use for the next time.
- We don’t restrict the bearer of the code. You have the right to pass it for other people.
- The promotion code valid in 6 months only. 
- Tuan Linh Travel has several websites for visa booking, and promotion code from this site cannot be used to get discount from other site. You should note the website you booked the previous time to properly redeem the promotion code.

2. Customer from Facebook
- Get 25% discount on total bill when you book visa service via our
Facebook page in Russian:

- Get 20% discount on total bill when you book visa service via our Facebook page in English:

How it works: Click on our Facebook link above, then log in to your account. You will see a box at the lower right corner of our cover photo with 3 options noted inside: “book now”, “like” and “message”. After hitting “like” button, you continue to click “book now”. You will be then linked to our visa website and see the price has been deducted 20% making the new price for 1 month single entry service fee is now only $12/application instead of $15 as normal. Of course, the discount is also applicable for other visa types and urgent service.

3. Customer from affiliate websites
Customers come from the following websites are eligible for 25% discount from us (For Russian travelers):



Customers come from the following websites are eligible for 20% discount from us:


How it works: Open one of the above WebPages and look for our promotion link at Continue to click on the link to open it and enjoy 20% discount for our service fee when you apply visa. Our system will recognize you as customer from affiliate websites and do the discount automatically; you don’t have to do anything further more.

CONTACT US if you meet any problem with our policy above