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 Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam Visa Information

You can approach the Vietnamese Embassy in your country for Vietnam visa information and for the actual visa. Alternatively, you can have the whole process handled by a competent travel agent who will provide the Vietnam visa service and also handle tour package for you. The Government of Vietnam issues different types such as tourist visa, business visa and diplomatic/official visa. Visa is also categorized into the duration of stay; typically one month single entry, one month multiple entry, 3 months’ single entry and 3 months’ multiple entry.

Tourist Visa information
You can apply in person at the Vietnam Embassy in your country or send your application by post. If you apply in person, visit the Embassy in your country during working hours for Vietnam visa information and process. The process involves:
• Contact a staff member to get the form and visa information.
• Fill in the form; attach a passport size photograph to the form.
• Have a return envelope with your address ready to attach to the form
• Submit the form, passport and photograph along with Visa fee after checking and verifying all details.
• It takes seven days to process and stamp visa on your passport. The time it takes for postal service to deliver the documents is extra.

Applying by post:
• Visit the Vietnam Embassy website, read the visa information, download the application form and print it.
• Fill the form accurately giving your arrival and departure dates, leaving out no details and ensuring accuracy of Vietnam visa information asked for in the form.
• Attach a passport sized photo to the form
• Attach visa fees in the form of bank draft or money order payable to Embassy of Vietnam
• Attach a self addressed stamped envelope and mail the entire set of documents to the Embassy
• When you receive back the documents with your passport carrying the visa stamp, check all details, notifying the Embassy in case of discrepancies.

Keep in mind
Whether you apply in person or by post your passport should be valid for at least three months after your indicated exit date or six months from intended travel date. Your Vietnam travel agent handling your Vietnam tour package is the best person to give visa information.

Business Visa
• If you travel on business, you must have your Vietnam business associate request a visa authorization from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security, providing your name, date and place of birth, nationality, passport details, proposed dates of entry and exit, type of visa required and the Embassy from where you will collect the visa.
• Your Vietnamese business associate should next give you confirmation of visa authorization
• In the meanwhile obtain Vietnam visa information from website or visa information from your travel agent, fill in the form, attach a photograph and submit it to the Embassy, including a self addressed stamped envelope if you are applying by post. Do not forget to include visa fee with application.
• Your application is processed within three days after receipt of form and requisite visa authorization as well as your documents.

Official/Diplomatic Visa
The usual form, fees and documents are required in addition to official request letter from the government authorities.

Student Visa
If you wish to undertake an educational program in Vietnam, you can arrive as a visitor, enroll and apply at the immigration police office to change the status. Your travel agent can give you student visa information and help in the process.

If you wish to extend your stay you must approach the authorities for extension of tourist visa on payment of US$ 20. The best person to assist is a travel agent who knows the process and departments to approach.

Classification of Vietnam Visa
Vietnam visa is categorized into four classes: A, B, C and D, each further sub-categorized.
• A1 applies to official delegates carrying the rank of heads of state and heads of government committees, invited by Government and its departments.
• A2 comprises members of foreign missions and family members
• A3 applies to members of foreign missions
• B1 applies to members of institutes chosen to work with Vietnam government’s ministries and agencies.
• B2 applies to businessmen or staff of organizations working on implementation of government projects in the country.
• B3 applies to business visitors.
• B4 applies to staff of non-governmental foreign organizations based in Vietnam.
• C1 applies to tourists.
• C2 applies for purposes other than tourism and to visit relatives in the country.
• D applies to individuals not connected with institutions and it is valid for 15 days.

Visa fees
The visa processing fee is different from the actual visa stamping fee. The visa stamping fee is as follows:
• Single entry, less than six months: USD 45
• Multiple entries, less than 28 days: USD 65
• Multiple entries, 3 months maximum: USD 95