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 Laos PDR Visa Service

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Laos PDR Visa Service

Travelers must have both a passport and visa to enter Laos; your passport must also have at least six months validity remaining. You can get a visa on arrival in Laos if you are traveling for tourism purpose. If you obtain a visa from a Lao embassy or consulate prior to your travel to Laos, you can enter at any international entry points.

You will generally be allowed to stay in Laos for 30 days after you arrive. If you were born in Laos, you may be admitted for 60 days or longer. You can extend your visa for 30 days more through the Department of Immigration in Vientiane. If you overstay your visa in Laos, you risk arrest and will be fined $10 for each day of overstay as you leave. The Lao government calculates visa fees and fines in U.S. dollars. If you plan to visit Laos, additional information is available from the Lao National Tourism Administration.