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 Cambodia Visa Extension

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Cambodia Visa Extension

Visa extensions are issued by the large Immigration Office located directly across the road from Phnom Penh International Airport.
There are two ways of getting an extension (official and unofficial) and, unsurprisingly, the time and money involved differ greatly. Officially, a one-month extension costs US$35, three months US$65, six months US$125, and one year US$200; your passport will be held for 25 days and there will be more paperwork than a communist bureaucrat could dream up. This is fine for expats with an employer to make the ­arrangements, but those on their own really need to go unofficial. They don’t call it corruption in Cambodia but "under the table", and you can have your passport back the next day for the inflated prices of US$45 for one month, US$80 for three months, US$165 for six months and US$265 for one year. Once you are one of the "unofficial", it is pretty straightforward to extend the visa ad infinitum. Travel agencies and some motorbike rental shops in Phnom Penh can help with arrangements, sometimes at a discount price.

Visa extension
Tourist & Business Visas:
The tourist (T) and business (E) visas can be extended at the Immigration Department, National Police. The Diplomatic (A), Official (B) and Courtesy (C) visas can be extended at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A tourist visa can be extended only once for up to one month (single entry).
A business visa can be extended for:
- One month (Single entry)
- Three months (Multiple entry)
- Six months (Multiple entry)
- One year (Multiple entry)
*Overstayers will be fined US$ 5 per day.

Visa Type
Tourist & Business Visas: Visitors from countries not under Visa Exemption Agreements must apply for a Tourists or business visa valid for one month at the points of entry.
Visa K can be issued to a Cambodian national entering the Kingdom on a foreign passport. (The applicant has to provide well-documented evidence, such as proof that one's parents were Cambodian).
Visa Exemption: The nationals of Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam (30 days); Philippines (21 days); Thailand (14 days).