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 Vietnam Visa Online Application

Vietnam Visa Online Application

If you plan to visit Vietnam for tourism, for business or for studies or long term stay, you need to obtain a prior visa. You can get a visa by submitting your documents in person at your nearest Vietnam Embassy or consulate office. You can save the time and effort by submitting Vietnam visa online and getting the approval letter. You present this approval letter along with your passport on arrival at International airports in Vietnam to get your Vietnam visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa online application is simple and relatively straightforward, especially when you have us to assist and guide you through the whole process. Simply visit the application page where you select options before you apply Vietnam visa online. You will be required to choose options such as number of applicants, single or multiple entry, duration of visit, how urgently you require the visa, your dates of arrival and exit and personal details. Personal details should exactly match those mentioned in your passport without any discrepancy whatsoever.

When you apply Vietnam visa online, you must keep in mind the fees you will pay. These are (*) and (**) as below:
• Our processing fees (
*). These Vietnam visa online application processing fees will vary depending on how quickly you want the Vietnam visa approval letter. Routine processing fees are lower whereas expedited Vietnam visa online application processing costs more. We will take this up on priority and email the approval letter to you. The urgent processing fees range from USD 10 to USD 120. In normal course allow for 3 days for processing, at the maximum. Urgent visa can be obtained in as little as 2 to 4 hours from the time you submit the application and pay for our service.
• On arrival at the airport you approach the VOA counter, submit your visa approval letter and passport and have the appropriate amount of visa stamping fees (
**) in US dollars (or Vietnam Dong) in cash ready. Upon payment of the visa fees your passport is stamped with the visa, permitting entry. Visa fee is USD 45 for up to 3 months single entry, USD 65 for 27 days multiple entries and USD 95 for multiple entry for a period to 3 months. Visa on arrival is granted only if you arrive by air at Vietnam International airports. You need the letter to be able to embark at your point of departure.

The process of Vietnam visa online application
Click through to this page if you wish to apply Vietnam visa online. Fill in the Vietnam visa online application. Before you do, make sure your passport is valid for 6 months from date of travel. Make sure to check that all details match your passport and submit it online along with appropriate processing fees. We will then forward the letter to the local authorities to get the approval letter. The approval letter, once received, is sent through email. Print it out. Affix two passport sized photographs and fill in appropriate details. Carry this approval letter with you when you board your plane and present it along with passport at the VOA counter to get the visa stamped on your passport.

As agents committed to serving you, we make the whole process of online Vietnam visa simple, easy and quick with assured results at the most affordable rates.