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 Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival


By using our Vietnam visa application process, you can enjoy the convenience of picking up your visa at immigration point at one of Vietnam’s international airports upon arrival. This saves time, money, and energy which would otherwise be spent scheduling an appointment at your nearest embassy, travelling there, and waiting for your application to process. With our service, you can arrive at your destination where your documentation is waiting to be picked up from the authorities so you can begin your journey in Vietnam.

Our service covers both tourists and business visas, has a quick processing time (giving you the option to select an immediate process of an hour if you request), and is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Visa Pick Up
Once you have completed the online visa application and it has been processed, you will receive a visa approval letter from the Vietnamese Immigration Department (see example below). This is the letter which you will present to the authorities before you travel to Vietnam which gives you permission to board the plane and will also present upon landing in the country. A copy of the same letter will be sent to the authorities in Vietnam at the appropriate embassy, consulate or immigration point at the international airport of your arrival where you will subsequently pick up your official visa. This letter is not the same as your visa and cannot be used as an alternative, but guarantees your permission to obtain a visa. Once you receive the approval letter, you have already passed the guidelines and have been cleared for entrance into the country by the Government, and will immediately receive your visa without any complications.

Once you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, head to the Landing Desk with your approval letter and exchange it with the stamped visa and pay the appropriate fee at the immigration office. Remember to carry all of your important documents with you such as your passport, stamping fee, and photo.
For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office where we will gladly respond to any queries.


A Vietnam visa on arrival issued at Tan Son Nhat International airport, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam:

Travelers are getting Vietnam visa stamped on arrival at Noi Bai airport Travel to Vietnam

Visa on arrival, issued at Noi Bai airport, Hanoi, Vietnam
Visa on arrival, issued at Noi Bai airport, Hanoi, Vietnam (24/7 service)

At Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport) the VOA office is situated to the left of the escalator that takes you down to the immigration hall. Hand in your passport and VOA approval letter at the counter, and pick up an Application for Entry and Exit form if you haven't downloaded and completed one beforehand. If necessary there are desks where you can fill in the form. Then walk along the right-hand side of the office to the counter at the opposite end and wait for your name to be called. Because foreign names can be difficult for the immigration officers to pronounce they usually also hold up the passport with the bearer's photo facing outwards.
When you have handed your payment, the completed Application for Entry and Exit form and passport photo to the immigration officer he or she will give you a receipt and return your passport to you, complete with the visa stamp. Check that the the exit date on the visa is correct (that is, in one month's or three months' time), then retrace your steps along the side of the office and proceed to Immigration Control, and then to baggage reclaim and Customs, which are situated on the same floor.
(Quoted from TripAdvisor)

Travelers are getting Vietnam visa stamped on arrival at Tan Son Nhat airport

Vietnam visa on arrival issued at Tan Son Nhat airport, Ho Chi Minh City
Visa on arrival, issued at Tan Son Nhat airport, Ho Chi Minh City (24/7 service)

At Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport) the VOA window is situated over to the left as you enter the immigration hall, at the far end. Do not join any queues for Immigration Control. The counter itself is sign-posted - LANDING VISA. When you get to the Landing Visa (VOA) window, be prepared to hand over your passport, one completed copy of the Entry and Exit form, the entire letter of approval and one passport size photo (the officer will staple your photo to the form if not already attached). You should then go and sit down. Even with few people being processed do not expect passports (with the visa attached) to be returned in the order that they were presented at the window.
When your visa is ready, your name will be called and at the same time your passport held up to the window with the photo page showing. You then pay the processing visa fee - U.S.$25 for single entry, 1 or 3 month. up to U.S.$50 for a One multiple entry. Vietnamese Dong (VND) or U.S. Dollars are the preferred currencies. The notes should be in good condition (no marks, nicks or tears) but it is not necessary for them to be brand new. At Ho Chi Minh City, people have also had Australian Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros accepted as payment instead of U.S. Dollars but no change is given for currencies other than U.S. dollars or VND. However, to avoid payment problems, U.S. Dollars are preferable as there have been occasional reports of other currencies not being accepted. Once you have paid, your passport will be returned to you, along with a receipt for your payment. Be sure to check the newly issued visa for any errors while still at the window. You then go to the immigration control posts to be processed in the normal way. Baggage reclaim and Customs are downstairs.

At Da Nang International Airport follow the exit signs. As soon as you enter the huge hall it is very easy to find the VOA window - it is on the left hand side and is clearly visible. The process is reasonably quick (approximately 15 minutes with all necessary paperwork completed before landing) but do bear in mind there is no guarantee it will be always be the same. After receiving visas / passports back, progress onwards to immigration control. Immigration Control can be slow, sometimes 3 or 4 long lines. Everyone queues up together going through the same check-points and there are no separate checkpoints for Vietnamese passengers and other nationalities.
Tip. If there are two or more of you obtaining VOA it would be prudent that once you've handed in your paperwork, that one of you stands in line for immigration control. That way you won't be at the back of a long queue.
(Quoted from TripAdvisor)

To get Vietnam visa stamped on passport you need to bring:
- Passport (with validity at least 6 months and have 2 blank pages for visa stamped)
- 2 passport–size photos (4 x 6 cm).
- Copy of approval letter that we sent to you.
- Stamping fee, paid directly in cash at the Immigration desk at airport:
* US$25 for single entry visa from 1 month to 3 months;
* US$50 for multiple entries visa from 1 month to 3 months.
* US$135 for 1-year multiple entries visa.
Russian travelers are exempted from this fee.
The fee is paid in cash directly to Immigration desk at Vietnam airport. Accepted currencies are Vietnam Dong and US Dollars.

- To save time at Vietnam airport, please download and fill in this form in advance. Photos and signatures are required.