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 Complete Guidelines to get Vietnam visa with our services

Complete Guidelines to get Vietnam visa with our services

Instruction to apply Vietnam visa online

Instruction to get visa stamped on arrival, at Vietnam airports

Instruction to fill visa form at Vietnam airport


Basically, there are 2 steps to get a Vietnam visa:

1. Get your visa approved (with visa approval letter)

2. Get visa stamped into your passport

First, open application page You can see all Vietnam visa information in this site but just focus on the main content of this page to directly apply and get Vietnam visa.

1. There are some sections in this page, the first one is Visa information

The first field in this section is "Nationality”: click the field and scroll down to select your passport nationality. If your nationality is not in the list it means service fee for your visa may higher (our staff will contact you later about it) or it is impossible to arrange visa for you.

Vietnam Government applies different policies on each nation so you can see notices pop-out when you select some nationalities.

The second one is “Place to get your visa”. Click to the field, you will see 2 options: “At Vietnam airport, on arrival” and “At your pointed Vietnam Embassy/Consulate”. Depending on your need you can choose to get visa at Embassy or on arrival. Most of travelers select visa on arrival to save time and money (we also recommend visa on arrival).

Then the next field is “Airport of Arrival”, again click on the field to select the airport you will arrive. Though you can get visa at any airport in Vietnam, it is useful in case something wrong (who know?) we will know your landing airport thus we can support you.

In the next field “Visa type” you have to select your desired type of visa. Depending on your time stay, your number of entries, select your appropriate type of visa. Please note that you have to re-apply with service fee if you change your type of visa after we submit it to Immigration Office.
1 month/Single entry tourist visa: Maximum stay is 1 month with 1 entry only;
1 month/Multiple entries tourist visa: Maximum stay is 1 month with unlimited entry;
3 months/Single entry tourist visa: Maximum stay is 3 months with 1 entry only;
3 months/Multiple entries tourist visa: Maximum stay is 3 months with unlimited entry.

Then the field “Number of applicant(s)”, select the number of people in your group. We offer group discount policy so you can see the price reduce remarkably for big group.

Next is the field “Processing time”, it is important to note that the time mentioned here is Vietnam time (GMT+7). You need to select the right service to get your visa approved in time for your flight. Put into consideration that you also need to bring a hard copy of the letter to get boarding. Under this field you can see the description of each processing time. This helps you to know when you get the letter and if it is alright for your case or not.

The next field is “Redeem promotion code”. This is the code of your last visa order (if you used the service before). You can see the booking code in the email that the system sends you after finishing the process. With this code you will get discount of 20% of service fees.
By the way, we have discount policy at Read it, it will help you reduce 20-25% service fees.

Then “Date of arrival” and “Date of exit” fields, due to different date formats, you have to select date of arrival and exit by selecting Year/Month/Day separately.

And now, the last information of this section: “Extra services”. The extra service we offer here is confidential letter. Immigration Officers, for unknown reasons, usually put name of applicants together in the same approval letter. If you check this box to ask for confidential letter, the letter will be issued for you/your group only. You/your group do not have to share private information with other visa applicants.

2. The second section in this page is Visa fee detail, it shows fee for each item and total fee for your visa

“Visa service fee per person”: this fee varies depending on the number of applicants in your group.

“Express fee per person”: If you select urgent services, the fee will appear here

“Confidential letter fee”: If you check the box the fee is $5 (for whole group)

“Discount amount”: see at next step. If you redeem promotion code, the total amount after deducting the discount will appear in the next page.
“Total visa service”: Total amount of service fees before deducting the discount (if any)

“Stamping fee (not included)”: The fee you pay directly at Vietnam airport, on arrival. This fee goes directly to State budget; Immigration Officers will collect it.
Please note that you have to pay 2 times only: the first payment is visa service fees. This fee is to get your visa approved (with visa approval letter). The second payment, in cash, to get visa stamped into your passport, this called stamping fee.

3. The next section is Passport information; you should double check to provide information exactly.

The first field is “Full name”. You have to type your name as it appears in your passport. Note: Your name must be in English.

The next field is “Gender”. Click the field to select your gender.

And again select Year/Month/Day separately for you in the field “Date of Birth”

The last field in this section is “Passport Number”: fill with your correct passport number. Some people mistakenly fill with ID number, be careful!

4. And now the last section, Contact information

Two first field is for your email address. You do not need to provide 2 email address but type carefully as after booking all the documents will be sent to that mail(s)

The next field is “Phone number”. You should provide your phone number (the International one with country prefix, area code, …) because in case problem happens the agent can call you to solve the problem.

“Flight number” is the next field. Unless your flight is secret, you should give them if you have it already. Problem can occur any time, to anyone, in that case any additional information will be useful for both of you and visa agent.

The next field in this page is “Comment”, though all the needed information you provide already. It is an open field for you, some want to say “help me please”, some show their passion “I love your country”, …

Last but not least, the field to check if you are human being or spam software. Just do a simple math and fill result to the box.
To finish the process of filling visa information, click “Review my visa application”

The next page appears shortly, you have to double check all the information provided. If all visa information is correct, you have to read terms and conditions. If everything is alright, check the box “I read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions” and click the button “Pay visa service fee”


Then you will be redirected to a secured payment gateway. All you do is to fill your credit card information and click “Process Payment”. If the payment success, after a while you will get a thankyou mail confirm your visa application and payment for service fee. Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, you lost the mail. You should check you spam box/junk mail to see if the mail is wrongly put there. If you cannot find it, just send mail to and tell us your case.

Sometimes your payment failed, our system will get back with the screen showing reasons that make the payment failed. Once you solve the problem, you can re-apply or skip applying step and just pay for our service fee at


And now, the first step to get Vietnam visa finished. We will continue to the step: getting visa stamped into your passport.

There are 2 places to get visa stamped (on arrival and at Embassy). I will talk about visa on arrival (VOA) first as this is the best way to get Vietnam visa.

To get Vietnam visa on arrival, you have to enter Vietnam by air. Visa approval letter would be invalid if you use it to enter Vietnam through land/sea/river border gateway.

To get boarding your flight, you need to show visa approval letter so make sure you print and bring with you.

At Vietnam airport, on the way out, you will see Visa on arrival office. All you do is to hand in your documents and wait to be called to get your passport back with visa stamped inside.

So what are those documents to hand in?

- Your passport that have at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages for visa stamped;

- 2 passport photos 4x6 (black or color);

- 1 hard copy of Vietnam visa approval letter;

- Stamping fee (in cash, US$ or Vietnam Dong) $25 for single and $50 for multiple entries, under 3 months visa;

- 1 visa form (hand writing)

The visa form you can down load here to fill in advance to save your time at airport.

Below is instruction to fill that form:

The form is bilingual languages (Vietnamese and English) so I will not explain simple terms, just focus on some points that may make you confused.

11- Family member: this is new term, there was no such term in old form. You have to list your (alive) family member though they do not go with you in your trip. Of course it is quite optional as the authorities at air port can not check to see how many brother/sister you have.

16- Intended temporary residential address in Viet Nam: Write your first hotel or the hotel that you spend most of the time in Vietnam.

17- Name of hosting organization/ Address: Write your tour operator that you buy their services/package or the hotel that you spend most of the time in Vietnam and their address.

18- Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old included in your passport (if any): If your child(ren) share your passport you have to attached their photos and write their information in the table.

To get visa at Embassy:
You have to select “At your pointed Vietnam Embassy/Consulate” at the beginning of the application page. After getting visa approval letter you bring the letter to get visa stamped at the Embassy/Consulate you selected.

Unlike Vietnam visa on arrival (everything is clear: document needed, stamping fee), you have to go to the Embassy/Consulate to get the information. Overall, you have to bring with you:

- Your passport that have at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages for visa stamped;

- 2 passport photos 4x6 (black or color);

- 1 hard copy of Vietnam visa approval letter;

- Cash for stamping fee (undisclosed until you get there);

You also have to put into your consideration the working timetable of that Embassy/Consulate.

Happy trip!

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