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Vietnam Visa Service

Vietnam has risen in popularity as a tourism destination thanks in part to its stunning scenery but also due to the wealth of culture awaiting visitors to its shores. However, tourists must contact the Vietnam visa service in order to gain access to top attractions such as World Heritage site World Heritage site Halong Bay and the many art galleries in Hanoi.

The role of the Vietnam visa service is to simplify the process of gaining the correct paperwork to visit the country. At one time, the only way to acquire a Vietnamese visa was through the various embassies located in countries around the world, but for this, applicants had to send their passport and all other required documentation to their nearest Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam consulate – a process which could prove lengthy and expensive.

Now, however, tourists hoping to visit Vietnam can use the Vietnam visa service to apply online. The main advantage of this method is that there is no need to visit the embassy in order to collect the visa, as it can be collected upon arrival at any international airport in Vietnam. Following approval, a letter will be sent by the Vietnamese government allowing the applicant to board the plane – this is particularly useful for those seeking a visa urgently as the application can be processed in as little as an hour.

Thanks to the Vietnam visa service, applying for entry to this beautiful country has never been easier, meaning that visitors from all walks of life can truly appreciate all that Vietnam has to offer.

Official websites that maybe helpful for your trip to Vietnam://

Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mofa.gov.vn

Visa Exemption for Vietnamese Residents Overseas: http://mienthithucvk.mofa.gov.vn/

Vietnam Customs: http://www.customs.gov.vn

Vietnam Administration of Tourism: http://www.vietnamtourism.com

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Vietnam Visa Service

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